What a Cluttered Desk Says About You

It would be nice if it were true that a cluttered desk shows the amount of intelligence one has. Instead it makes others question your reliability, your ability to finish a project, and sometimes even your ethics. Consider the doctor that has a messy desk. He leaves patient charts and information there along with stacks of medical journals that may or may not be out of date. He is likable and seems intelligent but he has trouble finding things and won’t admit to doing wrong. Luckily his patients never see his desk, but his staff does. It makes them doubt him ever so slightly. It tarnishes the image.

In order to be productive and be organized enough to do business, we have to maintain some sense of order about our desk.
It’s easily done by dealing with each category of items that cross our desk. To organize is to prioritize quickly.

* Incoming mail and information
* Outgoing mail and information
* Reference materials
* Current project materials
* Personal items

These can be organized easily with one good file drawer with labeled files for everyday use and vertical files for materials that are in/outgoing. Reference materials may be stored within reach on a bookshelf or other suitable space.

Consider the way that work flows across your desk as well as your current desk setup and establish a place for standard items that you use for communication or creation.

* Computer
* Phone
* Fax machine
* Other equipment exclusive to your job

The idea is to make movements efficient as well as healthy. If your desk chair doesn’t fit you correctly you won’t be efficient or healthy.

Reduce the eye sores on your desk. Do away with hanging papers, visible sticky notes, and cheat sheets. Use apps and programs on your computer and smart phone to clear the clutter and streamline your work. Keeping your cheat sheets for quick reference on your smartphone guarantees you always have them with you wherever you go.

Your desk doesn’t have to be spotless. Take the time to make it efficient and tidy at the end of the day. Walking into a clean desk in the morning always makes the day brighter and you can prove your intelligence every day.