What’s in the Cupboard?

When the fall starts to come around again I begin to nest. I clean shelves and organize my home as well as see what I can find to give away. Today found me in my kitchen looking at the cupboard and what I kept there. My husband and I have spent the past year adapting to his Diabetes and wondering if my autoimmune disease will come back. In looking at the cupboard I found an array of indecision and irony. We had bags of flour of different types that we don’t use since my husband only eats bread on occasion and I have found it intolerable. We also had many baking items such as baking powder, vanilla, cream of tartar, and unflavored gelatin. It all found a new home with the neighbor. My quest continued with bags of different teas everywhere. I opened the silverware drawer and took out the various tools like the melon baller and the extra attachments to my blender that I don’t use. I also donated the decorating tips that we will never use. Someone will love them. My extra serving/baking dishes fit nicely in the new space provided and I gathered up my little bags of tea to keep in them. It was user-friendly and I used what I already had. I poured my husband’s sweetener packets in the space that was left and went on to the next thing. The spices were mixed up with our supplements and medications. I moved the medications to the top shelf and got rid of the medications and supplements that we didn’t use or were outdated. Spices moved to the bottom shelf where they were easy to see and use. I put the tall containers in the back, mid-size, then small bottles. Wow! I could see what I had. Amazing! Supplements went in the space left beside the spices. Cereal, oatmeal, and protein for my husband’s breakfast went on the middle shelf where he could reach them easily. I had to think what we use the most and put it within easy reach. It made sense. We didn’t clutter up the cupboard with “just in case” things anymore. Medications such as cold medicine and things we only take when we get sick went in a basket on the top shelf of the linen closet. We kept in mind safety as well as the fact that we rarely needed to use them, so we could put it all in an out-of-the-way place. Back to the cupboard. We kept what we use. As much as I like the concept of whole foods and making things from scratch, it’s not always realistic in our lives. After thinking about how I characteristically cook, I gleaned what we needed and the rest went to a better place. All of the baking items went. Realistically I pick up a sugar-free brownie or cake mix once in a while and bake it for my husband. Beyond that, we are never going to bake for the Holidays again or sprout seeds, or make fruity beverages. Our lives have changed. It was time to admit that and move on with just what we needed. It feels good. As I cleared shelves the old me came back momentarily and thought, “what am I going to fill these shelves with?” . I think I’ll make a sign: “Love”.