How to go Paperless at Home in Less Than a Week

We decided to clear clutter and go paperless at our house. A large feat for some but it was easy for us. It became a game for us to see who could do it first. One thing we had to be careful of was not transferring paper clutter to digital clutter. Part of our pact was that we didn’t subscribe to multiple email newsletters, keep files we didn’t need or read, and we don’t buy an eBook if we can get a free version or find the information for free on the internet. We have minimized by using our smart phones and laptops to store our information. Use these tips to go paperless in your home:

* Stop paper, catalogs, and magazine subscriptions.Use digital version instead.
* Take notes on smart phone apps such as Color note.
* Store documents online using Google Docs and Dropbox.
* Use Cozi to integrate calendars, lists, journals into one family location.
* Pay for shipping packages and letters online.
* The only paper you keep should be printer paper stored in one place.
* Read books on smart phones and computer.
* Use Email as your only method of correspondence.
* Pay bills online and use the paperless billing option.

Look around your house and clear the clutter once and for all by being progressive enough to use technology for convenience and organization.
How do you clear the clutter in your home?