Organizing Your Closet for Women

Recently a client of mine asked me to help her clean out her numerous closets of clothes and help her get organized. This is a rather common thing for us women.We take one look at the chaos and we give up because it’s too hard to control. Our lives are so busy and cluttered that it’s hard to find anything. It’s hard to tackle the task of cleaning out the closet because we sometimes lose our perspective. We get caught up in emotions with our clothes. They tell so much about who we are and where we have been. Some things become sentimental items to us because we bought them on that great trip or we think that if only we could fit into those jeans we wore in school we could prove that we are young and thin again. The past does hold fond memories for many of us and I’m not suggesting that you throw away those things that may be dear to you. Rather, think outside the box and perhaps use that item to make something useful. Turn an old t-shirt into a pillow or use those items to make a quilt or throw. Those of us that have lived through hard times or are frugal fear throwing ANYTHING away because we might need it again. Think compassionate and remember that we are all part of ONE entity. We aren’t individuals despite what the world tells us. When we take care of each others needs, we take care of ourselves. Take those clothes, shoes, and extra items that you truly don’t need right now and GIVE them to someone who does need them. You will glow from the good feeling you get and they will too! Below are some guidelines to follow. Your lifestyle will dictate what adjustments you may need to make as far as profession, retirement, etc. When you are all done you can stand back and enjoy the peace it gives you.


Items that everyone needs:

White Tee shirt SS*
White cotton blouse sleeveless
White cotton blouse LS*
Jeans (3pr)
Black Knee length skirt
Black pants
Black casual walking shoes
Basic panties (5)
Basic Bra (3)

Choose ONE other main color for pants/skirts/capris:

Brown or khaki

Add these for Brunettes:

Coral Tee or sweater SS*
Aqua or bright blue Tee or sweater SS*
Light blue tee or tank
Light pink tee or tank
Colored blouse
Raspberry sweater SS or LS*
Dark Red sweater SS or LS*

Add these for Blondes:

Orange tee or sweater SS*
Green tee or sweater SS*
Bright blue Tank
Purple or plum tee or tank
Colored blouse
Bright pink sweater SS or LS*
Bright red sweater SS or LS*

Add these for Red/Auburns:

Aqua tee or sweater SS*
Cream tee or sweater SS*
Bright blue tank
Plum tee or tank
Colored blouse
Light purple tee or sweater SS or LS*
Emerald green sweater SS or LS*

No matter your hair color always choose colors that compliment your skin tone. Never buy something that makes your skin look yellow or washed out just because its on sale!


Capri Jeans (2)
Capri pants black
Capri pants in same color
as alternate bottoms
Gardening/yard/hiking shorts (2)
Gardening tanks/tees (2)
Black ballet flats
Sandals in color same as alternate bottoms
Black cardigan
Cardigan in coordinating color with bottoms

One knee length little black dress
Summer dresses (3)
One suit in black or alternate bottom color
Black sling back shoes
Dress shoes in alternate bottom color

Lounging or a day at home:

Casual pull on or yoga pants in black or
brown or jeans
(pair these with a top listed above)
Ballet flats or casual shoes

Using bright or pastels on top brightens your face and you will avoid that washed out look. If you must wear dark colors on top wear a bright scarf. With your black dress wear pearls to balance and brighten your face. Wear classic skirts and pants with trendy tops. Tops are less expensive to replace each season and will keep you updated. Buy good shoes that won’t hurt your back or feet. When you are in pain it’s hard to be beautiful! Keep it simple. Less is more. If you have great hair and take care of your skin you don’t need gaudy jewelry. A basic color combined with a trendy colorful top will take you from business meeting to dinner.

Rules for getting rid of clothes:

Anything that doesn’t fit into the list above.
Anything older than five years
other than coats!
Anything you haven’t worn in the last year!
Anything that needs mended that
you haven’t gotten around to mending
in the last year.
Anything your mother would wear.
Anything your teen daughter would wear.
Shoes with flowers, beads, glitter or plastic.
Anything your ex-husband or
boyfriend gave you. (Seriously)

Give your extra, in good condition, clothes to your local church, hospital, or Rescue mission. You can also recycle clothes by using them for sewing projects such as crafts if the material is still in good condition. If your clothes are severely worn, tattered, or stained, you may be able to use them as rags to clean, etc. or they may be used in the garage or work area.

After you have cleaned out your closet, make sure everything is organized in a fashion that makes it easy for you to see it and coordinate it with other items. Group by colors, item, or casual/professional etc. You should be able to take one visual sweep of your closet to decide what to wear. Even on your days at home when you have no work or activities planned, it is always a good policy to rise and wash your face, brush your hair or pull it back and put on your mascara. Dress for the day. Do not remain in your night clothes! You may choose to wear your casual pull on/yoga pants and a bright top. Slip on your ballet flats or casual shoes and you will be ready for anything. This makes you presentable but comfortable. By dressing right down to the shoes this allows you to feel good about yourself, yet is functional without having to be overdone.

Make a plan for buying clothes in the future:

Will it fit my closet criteria?
Will it coordinate with the other
things in my closet?
Am I buying a quality product
that will last?
Is it practical? trendy? my style?
Did I buy it on impulse or take time
to think about it?

My personal rule is to never shop with someone else. Too many times others may be trying to be kind to us by encouraging us to buy something or are merely caught up in the moment of a girl’s day out. NEVER shop with a man unless he’s your hairdresser! (smile) If you shop by yourself when you have allowed yourself plenty of time you will make better choices and feel beautiful when you get home, not guilty.

Keeping your closet organized will give you some peace instead of a feeling of chaos and loss of control. By setting boundaries with yourself to buy quality rather than quantity and keeping things simple, YOU WILL LOOK AND FEEL BEAUTIFUL!

* SS = short sleeve
* LS = long sleeve

PS One closet is enough. I repeat: ONE CLOSET IS ENOUGH! If you and husband share a closet that isn’t big enough for both of you consider one of you taking a closet in an extra room or using multi-tiered hangers, but make sure you can see everything. Coats should be kept separate from your clothes and may be stored in a hall closet. Purses should be kept to a minimum. Three should be enough:one black, one to match your brown or gray, and an alternate color such as red or a woven purse in a natural color for summer.
Keep scarves and accessories limited. Scarves may be kept in an organizer under the bed or on a closet shelf. You may also hang these if you have a wall in the closet that provides enough room to see them. Hanging jewelry organizers are also popular if you have the right space for one. Make sure you can readily see clothes and accessories in one space. Everything you wear should be something you enjoy. It should bring you a smile each day

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