Clear Clutter: Keep What You Love

Imagine having a life where everything you have matters.
Consider taking a day or a weekend to purge your life of mediocrity.
Tear your house apart and put back only the things that matter.
Is this so radical?
We as a society have filled our lives with things that marketing and other people tell us we need.
We buy clothes that we don’t feel good in because they are the fashion.
We decorate our homes with designs we found in the latest glossy magazine.

What if you just keep what makes you smile?

Start with the bedroom

Pull everything out of your closet.
Pile it on the bed.
Put back only the clothes you wear every week.
Pick three of your most loved outfits for work, love, and play.
Bag up the rest immediately.
Work quickly and act on instinct.

If you don’t adore it don’t keep it.

Now dump the dresser drawers on your bed.
Throw away singular socks, worn out underwear, and give away the sleepwear you never use.
Once again, work quickly and keep only what you love and use.
Now look around the room and get rid of magazines, perfume you never wear, and dust collectors,

Get rid of the boyfriend that leaves his stuff around and verbally abuses you.

Kick them all to the curb.

Start fresh.

Next comes the bathroom

Throw away cosmetics or personal care products that are old or never used.
Get rid of old shampoo bottles and the razor that has seen better days.
Donate the little bottles of things you brought back from travels.
Wipe down the drawers and shelves.
Throw away the towels with holes in them.

Put back only the things that you love.

Make your kitchen new again

What kinds of food do you make the most?
Do you eat out all the time yet own every gadget imaginable?
The first thing to do is to clear the counter.
Now you have work space.
Clean out the drawers one at a time.
Don’t stop to think too much.
If you used it this month keep it.
Donate what you don’t use.
If you don’t ever have time or reason to bake then don’t keep baking products or equipment.
We live in a world where you don’t have to “stock up”.
Pick up a simple brownie mix when you feel the urge to bake.
If you have a pantry or keep a cupboard of various goods move on to that next.
Donate anything that you don’t use.
Throw away anything that is outdated or is questionably old.
If you have sworn off junk food then get rid of it now.
Don’t keep things in your kitchen that will make you feel guilty to eat.
Throw away ratty dish cloths, pot holders, and dish towels.
Get rid of dishes that have chips or are a loner unless they are sentimental and you use them.

By the way, have you ever used that china?

Love your living room
Move on to the living room.
Sit down and have a cup of tea and look at it closely.
Take just 20 minutes to really look at it.
The first order of business is to get rid of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers as well as mail.
Cancel subscriptions or make a vow not to renew them.
Digital versions are usually available on the internet.
No clutter and financial gain are yours now.
Get rid of furniture you hate.
Call the Salvation Army or other charitable organization to come and get it.
List it on or sell it but act now.
Don’t put it off.
Put away anything that doesn’t belong in your newly found living room.
Make a habit to put things away as soon as you walk in the front door.
Dust the remaining furniture that you love and straighten the pictures.
Get rid of cheesy knickknacks.
Move things around to make it all seem new if you want.
Clean the rugs and you are done.

Now have another cup of tea and sit in awe.

What to do with the extras

If you have a garage or extra room that is stuffed, choose another time to tackle it.
Shut the door for now and enjoy what you accomplished with your main living areas.
The extras are actually pretty easy.
Donate or toss those things that you haven’t used in the last year.
If you didn’t love them enough to use them last year, you won’t use them this year either.
Free up the space for new adventures with the things you do love.

Keep it simple.

Now when you look around your home you will see that everything you have matters. You are now surrounded by the things that bring you joy. Less is not about deprivation. It’s about what matters.